Java Applets are Still Alive!


Disregarding what the title suggests, this Facebook page is not trying to make a crazy attempt at reviving the long-gone Java Applet technology. Instead it aims to remind people of it and of how good some Java Applets are and were. It provides links to sites dedicated to Java Applets and is trying to convey that Java Applets weren’t as bad as some people say. Although frankly, with newer technologies like Adobe Flash, HTML-5 Canvas (my choice), Microsoft Silverlight and JavaFX , Java Applets don’t stand a chance, I still can’t help admiring the applets some people created when I am browsing old sites and threads. One of the best sites I saw was:

It has an interesting collection of applets, mostly games and animations, which the site owner made in the 90’s (mostly 1996).

One good thing about Java Applets though, is their consistency. All modern (and old) web-browsers support Java Applets provided you have a Java Runtime installed. Although companies and individual probably won’t develop any high-quality Java Applets anymore, with all the other cool stuff, it’s still nice to know that all the good old 90’s applets are still supported and running perfectly (if not faster) on modern web-browsers.



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