Protect yourself from “Facebook HAS BEEN HACKED” etc.

In response to the recent outbursts of




I have created a list of all the things you should do to protect your account from becoming a prey to malicious software , or GETTING HACKED!!! as idiotic facebookers are saying.  Firstly, the thing that most needs to be told is that even if  some link is being shared automatically to all your friends, that does not mean that your account has been hacked. Please for God’s sake, stop blaming us hackers!!! What really is the problem is that “malicious” links and client-side code has invaded your account.

Enable HTTPS and SSL

First and foremost, your account is most liable to become a victim of malicious software if you are not browsing in safe mode. Here are the steps to force Facebook to use Safe Web-browsing.

=>Go To Account Settings

=>Click the Security panel

The Security Panel

=>On The Secure Browsing Pane Click Edit

=>Tick The Checkbox and Save Changes

=>Now go to your Home, if everything went well, ur address bar should look like this:

Change Your Password

Now, hurry up and change your password!!! This prevents your account from really getting hacked, i.e infiltrated by an actual living person, rather than just some lame old virus or worm. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • On the Password pane, click Edit
  • Type a new password for yourself
  • Remember your new password
Check Your Apps 
  • Go to Privacy Settings
  • On Apps and Websites , Click Edit Settings
  • It will display the most recent apps used. Check carefully for any app that you have not allowed.
  • If you find any such app, click Edit Settings
  • Delete the previously mentioned app.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Note that, in spite of what people say, you can’t automatically get “malicious” software and worms on Facebook. There are two main ways.

1- You click  a malicious link.

A malicious link is  a link to one of the pictures / docs / videos posted on your or your friend’s walls which obviously are from the virus. The malicious link  only takes action when you click it! So the best way to prevent your account “catching the worm” from a friend whose account is known to have been victimised is to not click the friend’s links which you think have been created by the virus. It’s as simple as that.

2- You allow a malicious app

Note that the facebook asks you whether you want to allow any app that you come across for a reason. It’s for your safety and not just to annoy you! When any app asks you to allow it look carefully at it’s sources and the regions it may gain control of. The best way is to never allow apps at all! Or  just allow those which you think are actually useful.


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