In Memory of The Ol’ Classical Cartoons

Ah, the old cartoons. The Looney Tunes were my favourite. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Sam etc. Couldn’t stop laughing at them, still can’t. People may call them ‘violent’ , ‘misleading’ etc. But in my opinion, they were ingenious, artistic, brilliant!

The only problem is they are very difficult to find nowadays on the internet, they are available in the form of tiny clips on youtube etc. But as entire episodes, maybe an entire collection? I can’t find them anywhere 😦 .

Anyway, I’ve started a campaign of downloading as many video clips of them as I find and making a HUGE collection, I’ll try to grab some DVDs or CDs , but I’m not sure many shops have the old Loony Toons , I’m not sure they were ever even officially released in DVD form.

The Looney Tunes


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