A Tale of One City…. Divided in Two.

My town, Buraimi, is a strange one.  It’s a kind of no man’s land between Oman and the UAE.  The Omani Border check post is located 6 km from here, and the UAE Border check post surrounds the town’s other three sides.  On the other side of the border, is the huge city of Al-Ain, in the UAE. The town of Buraimi, was actually just a small suburban colony of Al-Ain. After the border between Oman and the UAE was defined, Buraimi was excluded from Al-Ain and a border was built between the two. You can even see the cars in Al-Ain passing right beside you at parts where the border is between two adjacent roads.

Omanis living in Buraimi regularly go to Al-Ain. Both countries being part of the GCC, do not need a visa. Expatriates, like me, need to buy a 50 Rial. 6 month pass to visit Al-Ain.

I think it’s very extra-ordinary, to be living in a city divided into two. I can use both currencies here, the Omani Rial and the UAE Dirham. I can get the full advantages of the huge bustling city of Al-Ain, while enjoying the quiet , peaceful townlife of Buraimi at the same time. 😎 .


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