Ten More Chuck Programming Norris Jokes

Every few months I post a few good Chuck Norris jokes, which I fished out from the millions found on the internet. Some of them are adapted from Jon Skeet Facts.

  1. Chuck Norris has Windows 7 on his calculator
  2. Chuck Norris invented C++ after roundhouse kicking C – TWICE.
  3. Chuck Norris plays Nintendo Wii games on his Gameboy Color
  4. Google is Chuck Norris behind a proxy
  5. When Chuck Norris points to null, null quakes in fear.
  6. Chuck Norris can finish an infite loop in 1.3 seconds
  7. In C, you only need to #include "ChuckNorris.h"
  8. Chuck Norris invented the Bluescreen of Death.
  9. Chuck Norris’ keyboard has 2 keys: 0 and 1. He doesn’t need anything else.
  10. Chuck Norris can code in Scheme, and make it look like Java

Chuck Norris facts never get old!


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