Universal Stupidity

Haven’t posted new stuff for quite some time, have I? Well, that’s because school has started. Today is a weekend, however, and I am forcing myself to write this just for the sake of consistency. Now the question arises… What do I write about? Well, I don’t know.  So I’ll just do some general ranting about the stupidity of this planet and it’s inhabitants.

Let’s Jump from Space!!!

When I first heard of the Red Bull Stratos project, I thought it was retarded. Now that it has been successfully completed and Felix has made about 3 world records… I stilthink it’s retarded… and a waste of money. Apparently, the only justification given for the millions of dollars wasted on the project is that it may be useful in scientific experiments, which is pretty vague. Why can’t they do a Red Bull Stop Global Warming or Red Bull End World Hunger project? In addition to all this, I can’t pronounce Felix’s last name. Is it pronounced Bomb-Gart-Nur or maybe Bam-Gar-Nur or perhaps Baoom-Gardener ? Whatever.

You Called A White Dress Black? Hilarious!

I’ve never understood my class’s twisted sense of humour. Only yesterday, a teacher entered the class wearing a white dress. A class-mate cheekily asked her why she was wearing such a dark dress. Apparently, this was funny. The whole class lol-rofled for an unnecessarily long amount of time while I awkwardly grinned and wondered why I was surrounded by idiots. Seriously, by what stretch of imagination is calling a white dress black even remotely funny?

My Awesome Maths Teacher

I could write a whole book on my new Indian math teacher. I learnt a lot of, well… unique concepts from her. I learnt that and are numbers, while 1,2,3 etc. are variables. And apparently, the correct spelling of ‘laughing’ is ‘loofing’ and ‘tomorrow’ is spelt ‘toomarow’. She also seems to have a rather mixed up teaching plan. One day we do Quadratics. The next day she  teaches how to multiply two numbers (and I’m in grade 11!). And did I mention that using any other method or formula than the sacred one which She taught is considered blasphemy?

And just when I thought I couldn’t hate her more, an incident happened that made my blood boil. From the day God descended my unique maths teacher from the heavens and sent her to my school as punishment for past sins, she has taken a total of about 2 tests. I have taken full marks in both and have the highest average in the class. But for some reason, she told my mother in a recent parent-teacher meeting that I am not performing well! I mean, seriously? How can I perform better when I am already getting full marks? My mom says the teacher probably confused me for someone else with the same name or something. But still, it’s infuriating. 😦

Things like this make me wonder how India managed to become the world’s third biggest economy. However, I shouldn’t really judge a country by its expatriate math teachers. Maybe they keep all the good ones for themselves and send all the bad apples abroad. Thank God I had the good fortune of being taught by excellent math teachers at my last school in Pakistan.



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