Break All The Records!!!

Pakistan has recently fallen into a record-breaking spree. The madness started with the ‘largest number of people singing the national anthem at a gathering’ record, which was broken at the Punjab Youth Festival. This was pretty exciting. It also improved the image of the country somewhat. However, I don’t think inviting the Zaalim Khaadim-e-Aala was a pretty good idea.

Later, we broke the record for the most kicks in 3 minutes or something. This was followed by the shirt-wearing thing. At this stage things started getting a little out of bounds. I wonder how the guys from the Guinness Book of World Records team are feeling. Apparently they were called just to witness the national anthem record and were then forced to authenticate the gazillions of other records that came up later. However the situation really became catastrophic when the chapati guy showed up.  This was hilarious.

On the bright side, this also shows that Pakistan is a pretty talented country. It also politely disproves the media-promoted image of Pakistan as a failed state on the verge of total collapse. However, there are a few records that still haven’t been certified:


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