The Water Kit Guy

In between July and August this year, there was this sudden media-hype about a guy called Agha Waqar who claimed to have found a way to use water as a fuel for cars. The general public has probably forgotten all about it by now but still, it has become something of an obsession for me, so I absolutely have to discuss it.

It started with a small documentary by Geo News. I lol-rofled while watching the documentary. I was under the impression that the reporter, Hamid Mir, was making fun of the poor guy. I assumed the guy would, pretty soon, probably be sent to jail or an asylum or something. However, to my astonishment, converts emerged. It began with some minister, who praised the guy and told him he would finance the so-called “water kit”. Later the chairman of the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) supported the guy and said he would help him develop the kit!

About this time I was losing my faith in humanity… why would the PCSIR chairman support a guy who was clearly a fraud? The final blow was delivered when Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, of all people, said the guy was genuine and the ‘water kit’ was a ground-breaking invention. I was flabbergasted! I began to doubt myself. There even came a time when anyone who doubted Agha Waqar was branded as a Parha-Likha Jahil or even a Yahoodi. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman tried to re-stabilize the situation and convince the public that the water-kit was a scientific impossibility, however the public had become too stubborn by this time. The situation was getting out of hand.

Thankfully, pretty soon, the only person who actually does posses common sense in the country and is aware of the most fundamental laws and concepts of physics emerged, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy. He wrote an article about the whole thing, and made the public realize how stupid and gullible it was.


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  1. Dear Mohammed Ahmed ,
    Think again about this matter, one guy who is proving by practically doin something n there is a so called scientist who never came to see his invention and said its fraud. Agha Waqar did something thats not in the books, if it were than many like hoodbhoy should have done it long time ago. No scientists proved his invention a fraud, Agha’s weakness was he was not able to prove its theory but he did demonstrated many times. Comparatively not a single scientist did practically proved that he is hiding some fuel or anything. Think again dear a fraud cannot be kept secret long enough,

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