Obsessed with Universities

Another obsession of mine.  In fact, I’m past being just ‘obsessed’ with dreaming about going to awesome universities, I’ve become something of a fanatic. Anyways, my further education ambitions per se are categorized into three main sections. They are as follows:


Anything is possible. Impossible is nothing. High fees? What high fees? Full Bright scholarships are raining everywhere. They’re literally throwing out financial aid, bro. This is the mood I’m in 90% of the time. In this mood, my dream universities are:

1- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The best of the best.

2- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Another awesome university. I was thinking of Harvard, but Harvard Engineering School is not as good as some of its other schools like Law and Medical.

3- National University of Singapore

Pretty sleek. Actually this one isn’t as insanely expensive as MIT for Singapore nationals and permanent residents. But for us poor international students, the fees are about four times the amount they charge nationals, so it’s still impossibly high.


I get into this mood when I’m feeling down. On the bright side, I can actually afford these universities without relying on financial aid or scholarships.

1- Universiti Malaya

Good. Competent. Consistent. Recognized.

2- De La Salle University

Personally I like this one better than Universiti Malaya. But QS Ranks it slightly lower.

3- National Taiwan University


Good enough. I guess.


When I’m really depressed…

1- National University of Science and Technology

2- Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute

3- Sultan Qaboos University

4- United Arab Emirates University

or even…

5- Buraimi University College


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