MIT, LUMS and De La Salle

Yes, I’m talking once again about one of my greatest obsessions, universities. I am so obsessed that I sometimes wonder if I’ll end up being a university professor like my grandpa. I really like lecturing people. Actually, lecturing is an under-statement. I talk so much I gnaw the ears off of my mom and teachers. I can actually see them wincing sometimes at the end of a two hour exclusive lecturing session. Anyway, I’ll write about some universities I’ve been researching for the past few days.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Yeah, MIT. I talk about it so much that my brother leaves the room immediately when he hears the word. Anyway, I learnt that MIT gives need-based scholarships to selected students. This means the incredibly high-fees may not be a problem if I can get really good grades in my A Levels, my SAT reasoning test, my SAT-2 Subject tests and the Omani GED that I am doing. Frankly it depends more on my SAT-2 and A Level grades. However, even if I get straight As or something, the chances are still pretty slim. It is stated on their website that out of the nearly 4000 international students who apply, only about 150 get admitted. This is pretty unnerving, and depressing. But still, one must live up to the challenge.

Lahore University of Management  Sciences (LUMS)

The more I hear about this university, the more I like it. It is obviously not on par with MIT, Harvard, Stanford and like, but it has still got class. Whether it be in academics, facilities, innovation, society or just plain awesomeness, LUMS scores a 10. Another good point is that it is not uncommon for lumenites to get scholarships to awesome universities like MIT and Harvard. So, if I (god-forbid) don’t get an undergraduate full-bright to MIT, there is always hope for a graduate scholarship. Or if things get desperate, at least a doctorate scholarship. However one of the main problems of LUMS, at least for me, is that it doesn’t really offer any good engineering degrees, with the exception of electrical engineering. So basically, all the Lahore University of Management Sciences is good for, is well…. management sciences. And, perhaps, computer science. I would actually be pretty satisfied with a BS in Computer Science from LUMS SSE, however there is yet another problem. You can’t choose your major. In the first year, they teach you everything, and after that they decide your major. Of course, they can choose something really good for you like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Physics. However, you can also be subjected to something nightmarishly horrible and excruciatingly, unbearably painful… like Biology (shivers). Therefore going to LUMS has its risks.

De La Salle University

This university is actually pretty perfect. Actually, I am actually hoping to get admitted to it. It offers the degree I want (mechatronic engineering), it has an extremely awesome ranking, its fees are affordable, awesome on-campus housing and it accepts both the SAT and the A Levels as a basis for admission. However, there is one devastating catch. It requires you to give an on-campus admission test and interview. That means I will have to fly over to Manila and give the admission test if I want to apply to this university. This may not sound so bad if I actually get admitted. However, buying a 260 Rial return ticket, giving the admission test and failing is pretty embarrassing. Let’s hope they admit me.


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