Fruity Cosmetics

Just the other day, while we were discussing aromatic compounds and stuff, the discussion somehow came round to fruits and cosmetics. Miss Yasmin mentioned some extremely weird natural cosmetic products. The authenticity of these products has been proven by a mixture of science, experience and Philippine tradition. I’ve even googled them and they have turned out to be completely accurate. Basically, everything you buy at a fruit stall has some use or the other in the cosmetic industry. I’ve decided to share some of the home-made cosmetic recipes she mentioned, to the world. Let’s hope the beauty industry doesn’t sue me for ruining their business. After all why would anyone buy expensive beauty products when they can make them at home using  fruits and vegetables?


Are the branded moisturisers too expensive? Use avocado! Apparently, avocado has some kind of moisturising effect on your skin which reduces wrinkles and softens it in winter. All you have to do is mash the avocado and rub it on your face.



I always thought ketchup was made from tomatoes. Hence the name tomato ketchup. However, after the enlightening lecture, I also learnt about another way to make ketchup. You can also make ketchup from (drum roll)….. Bananas!!! Not only is it edible, banana ketchup is actually tastier than tomato ketchup!



Ever wanted to remove all those acne scars and dark spots from your skin? Can’t afford laser treatment? Well, worry no more, Pineapples are here to save the day! Apparently, pineapples have the power to remove all those scars and spots, not to mention all the extra tan. It also leaves your skin soft and fresh, and decreases pimple production. Leaving it on your face for too long will burn the face though.


All these revelations have left me in a dilemma. Now, every time I see someone buying fruits from the market, I can’t help but wonder. Is he buying all this for eating, or for moisturising his skin / removing spots and pimples / making ketchup etc. Mind = Blown.


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