Sheikh Rasheed


Normally I try to isolate myself as much as possible from the news, politics, political talk-shows etc. They make me feel suicidal and give the impression of Pakistan being on the brink of destruction. But there is one guy I always look forward to listening. Sheikh Rasheed. Rest assured, I don’t support him politically. Neither do I agree with his views. The reason I watch his talk shows is for entertainment. Need a good laugh? Forget Chris Rock, watch Sheikh Rasheed! He is famous for his hilarious replies, ridiculously funny statements and his bachelorhood. I once saw a picture somewhere showing a shop with the sign, “Credit or borrowing is not accepted until the marriage of Sheikh Rasheed“. Seriously though, the guy is hilarious. Five minutes of  Sheikh Rasheed will result in at least an hour of hysterical fits of laughter. I think he may be more successful as a comedian than as a politician. If he ever does a stand-up comedy show, I, for one, will be the first to buy a ticket.

In addition to his popularity, he is also a very big asset to television channels. Whenever the viewer ratings start to drop, news channels call Sheikh Rasheed. It is rumoured that one Sheikh Rasheed-ish talk show can potentially triple the ratings of a channel. Commercials literally flock towards a Sheikh Rasheed programme. All in all, he is a pretty entertaining guy. His humorous quotes and cheerful, albeit slightly eccentric, personality give much needed joy in the dark days Pakistan is facing, and the even darker ones that may come in the future.


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  1. I disagree with you calling him more entertainer than political aware guy. I always click on his every interview to hear what I wanted to say to the government and authorities. People do listen to him to hear what they wanted to say…he is the voice of common country men. He is not scared of telling the truth and that is why he have high ratings in every program.

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