Attack of the Androids

evil android

These are dark times, lad. Dark times…

At first,  I didn’t take it seriously. I mean, it was just a cell phone operating system. What possible threat could it pose against me and my cheap Nokia phone? I welcomed its arrival with a smile. Not the kind of smile a trained gladiator displays when challenged by a worthy foe, but the kind of smile a man makes when getting acquainted with someone new. I thought Android and I were going to be good friends. But then everything changed…

I saw the first signs of Android’s betrayal when I noticed it spending more time with my brother and my mom that it did with me. But I took it lightly. I mean, just because it was ignoring me didn’t mean it disliked me. I decided to ignore it in return. After all, my cheap Nokia phone was good enough for me. I didn’t need any fancy androids anyway. Some time later I began to suspect that the Android wasn’t just ignoring me; It deliberately hanged and processed things slowly while I was using it. I did feel a little wounded but I decided to take this lightly too. Perhaps the poor guy was just shy, and anyway, it was all just a hunch, I had no proof whatsoever.


I soon realized the true gravity of the situation, however, when I saw that blasted Android bullying and picking on my poor little Nokia when no one was looking. I was enraged. Nobody hurts and insults me Nokia phone (except me). This meant war. I tried to sabotage its plans by destroying its reputation and influence over the household but the blasted gadget was one step ahead of me. Before I could even initiate my counter-attack,  it brought an ally into the battlefield which further infiltrated the household by establishing diplomatic relations with my sister and brother. For some time the ally even succeeded in fooling me! But I was too smart for it. I soon figured out its hidden agenda. They were both in it together. The androids were out to get me!

The battle still continues. My one and only faithful comrade being the poor old battered Nokia phone. I may be fighting a losing war, but I refuse to give up till my dying breath.


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