Exams, Applications, Politics and Brothers

I’ve been away from this blog for a long, long time. I think its been about two months or something. Ironically, the blog has gotten more views than ever while I was away. I’ve suddenly grabbed a following of thirty fortunate people and have event gotten comments that weren’t spam or advertisements! Smooth going, blog. Smooth going. It seems you’ve done even better without me. Which, although slightly discouraging, is a good thing because I probably won’t be very active for at least the next ten months. There are busy times ahead.

No. “Busy” in this case isn’t a synonym for “I’m too lazy to write more posts”. Believe it or not, I actually do have better stuff to do. I might even go so far as to say (though I don’t believe it myself) that I might actually have a life after all. What “stuff” can I possibly be doing in the next ten months that is more important than writing blog posts? Well, I’m taking my A Levels in October and November. The first exam is on October 7 and they end on the 29th of November. So that’s two months of merciless, excruciating torture. To make matters even worse, I’m taking my SAT Subject Tests on the 6th of October, one damn day before the A Levels exam. So yeah.

At least it can’t get worse, you say? No! It definitely can get much much worse. It already has. In between the A Levels, I also have the daunting task of filling out various university applications before me. Since I’m applying to about eleven universities, that might get really troublesome. Then we have the interviews all through January and February, followed by the decisions in March.

Let’s stop complaining about my life and start complaining about life in general.


national assembly

Politics is the most annoying thing in the world to discuss with someone. Apparently, every single person is a professional political analyst. Every single person seems to have his or her own (conspiracy) theories. Every single thing that happens globally was already predicted by them, and was all according to their plan. What’s wore is that every single person also seems to be convinced that his or her theory is the gospel-truth. In reality, I’m pretty sure no one actually knows what he or she is talking about. They just like proving how their “analysis” is ingenious and accurate. Also, in my humble opinion, nothing really changes no matter what people’s opinions are. One might as well like under a rock and pretend the world is ruled by the Oompa Loompas for all the difference it makes.


From the time one wakes up in the morning to the time one forces himself to doze off at night, brothers make sure that not one damn minute is spent in peace. They are pure evil, EVIL I tell you!

Radicals and Fanatics

See “Brothers”.



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