Damn you, Mechanics!

Yay, I have time! Valuable precious time! What should I do with it? I know. Let’s write a blog post! Let’s begin the same way I begin most of my posts… by complaining about stuff. This time, I’ll complain about classical mechanics.

There is nothing, I swear, nothing more mind-mindbogglingly, horrifyingly, self-esteem-loweringly, tear-inducingly, terrifyingly tedious than classical mechanics. Or at least the curriculum I am being forced to learn. Seriously, it’s something like an evil dementor that haunts me constantly, draining all hope, happiness and courage away, literally feeding on my soul. And all I can do about it is write blog posts and tweets.

If I ever meet my biggest enemy; I don’t have one yet, but let’s assume it’s that annoying raccoon from TV, Aamir Liaqat; I won’t imprison, torture, maim, or murder him. Oh, no. All those punishments are too lenient. I’ll do something way worse. Something that will ruin his self-esteem, mental-health and the remainder of his pathetic life. I’ll take out my Mechanics 1 textbook, go over to the review exercises and order him to solve one of those lengthy questions with the “*” at the beginning. Now that is real punishment.

To be frank, though, part of the reason I find Classical Mechanics difficult might also be the fact that I’m not really that interested in it. As Mr. Tyson said:

Of course, I don’t hate applied math in general. I think it’s awesome. In fact, I don’t hate Classical Mechanics entirely, either. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy at least some of the advanced chapters. I’m not afraid of tedious problems, as long as they are challenging and profound. The problem with most of the chapters I’m doing right now, is that they aren’t that challenging at all, but still infinitely tedious.

All the concepts discussed up till now require only simple algebra. None of those awesome limits or differential equations that make life worth living. But judging from a sneak peak at the final two chapters, I think things might get better soon. Until then, I guess I’ll have to clench my teeth and make the best of things.


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