Carl Sagan Facts


There are two types of scientists: Carl Sagan and people who aren’t Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan can divide by zero.

When you search for “Science” on Google it says “Did you mean Carl Sagan?”

When Carl Sagan’s hypothesis contradicts experimental observations, the universe apologizes.

Carl Sagan can recite π. Backwards.

Carl Sagan already postulated the Grand Unified Theory. He’s just giving other physicists a chance to figure it out themselves.


Carl Sagan doesn’t need to do a control experiment. He is always in control.

Google is Carl Sagan behind a proxy.

Carl Sagan can code in C and make it look like Python.

Physics wears a “Carl Sagan is my homeboy” T-shirt.

Carl Sagan can make an apple pie from scratch without first inventing the universe.

Carl Sagan doesn’t solve the weekly crossword puzzle. He solves the Millennium problems instead.

“Proof by Carl Sagan” is a valid way to prove a theorem in Mathematics.


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