On Loneliness


An indigenous american farming. Source

I used to be mortally terrified of being alone. I have now learnt to embrace it like a long lost brother. I understand the true power of this state. Being alone also means being independent. Independency leads to power and productivity. When you are not attached to anyone by symbolic strings of social convention, you are not held back by their mediocrity.

Now I want to be lonely, since only when I am alone am I truly free. A wanderer ardently experiencing the act of being alive and conscious on this planet and interestedly observing how others use up their lifetimes. I can understand the recurring patterns of nature and society without being encumbered by an unasked for and unsought membership of the latter.

I can get lost in the timeless world of mathematics and the arts and sciences emergent from it. I can express my true opinions on every issue and every matter without having to fake, censor or alter them for fear of ostracization. I can live a life that is not haunted by the ghosts of unnecessary emotional investment and unaffordable pseudo-familial or cultural expectation. I am free to explore the cascading branches born by my ideas and traverse the deepest and truest thoughts produced in my mind.

It is in this state that I am most likely to reminisce the memories of my childhood. It is in this condition that I am closest to comprehending the vast services my parents have granted me and the emotional foundation and mountains of love and affection my siblings have unreservedly made me the recipient of.


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