Spring Break Project: Biology


Since I have this week off from university as spring break, I have been given an epic opportunity to learn something new. So I have decided to learn something about a field that has always interested me: Biology. Especially things like evolutionary biology, ecology and genetics. My own field of Computer Science has a lot of things that are based on ideas in Biology including genetic algorithms, neural networks and even the botany-like terminology used for trees, their sub- and super-structures. Not to mention the fact that the father of computer science, Alan Turing, was also a part-time Biologist.

So here is my plan. I plan to read Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, two chapters every day for seven days (since the edition I was able to find at my university’s library contains fourteen chapters and I have seven days off) starting today and post notes related to them here on my blog. Let’s hope I manage to complete this project.


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