Interesting Academic Genealogy

Def: let a → b be a directed edge in which the predecessor a is the advisor and the successor b is the advisee.
Jacob Bernoulli (Doctorate in Theology, 1676, Universität Basel – Switzerland)
→ Johann Bernoulli (Medicinae Dr. Universität Basel 1690 – Switzerland)
→ Leonhard Euler (Ph.D. Universität Basel 1726 – Switzerland)
→ Joseph Louis Lagrange (B.A. Università di Torino 1754 Italy)*
+ Pierre-Simon Laplace (unknown)
→ Simeon Denis Poisson (Ph.D. École Polytechnique 1800 France)^
→ Michel Chasles (Ph.D. École Polytechnique 1814 France)
→ Hubert Anson Newton (B.A. Yale University 1850 United States)
→ Eliakim Hastings Moore (Ph.D. Yale University 1885 United States)
→ Oswald Veblen (Ph.D. The University of Chicago 1903 United States)
→ Alonzo Church (Ph.D. Princeton University 1927 United States)
→ Alan Mathison Turing (Ph.D. Princeton University 1938 United States)
* Not officially. He didn’t get a doctorate degree.
^ co-advised by both.

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