Failure and Rejection


  • ACM Sigcomm 2017 Submission on Internet at the Speed of Light. Rejected.
  • ACM HotNets 2016 Submission on Load-balancing in Datacenters. Rejected.
  • USENIX NSDI 2017 Submission on Content Gathering Networks. Rejected.


Academic Prospects – Undergraduate

  • MIT – Undergraduate Admissions. Rejected.
  • NUS – Undergraduate Admissions. Rejected.
  • MIT – Transfer Admissions. Rejected.
  • EPFL – Summer Research Internship. Rejected.

Rejection 1

Rejection 2

Academic Performance – Undergraduate

  • Failed to get an A in Introductory Biology (Bio-101). Ended up with a B+ even though I tried really really hard.
  • Failed to get an A in Engineering Lab (EE-100). Ended up with a B+.
  • Failed to get an A in Principles of Chemistry and Chemistry Lab. Ended up with a B and a B+ respectively.
  • Failed to get an in Pakistan Studies. Ended up with a B+.

Failure Chem

Failure 2

Academic Performance – Highschool

  • Failed to get an A* in A-Level Chemistry. Ended up with a C.
  • Failed to take both A-Level Further Mathematics and A-Level Biology.
  • Failed to get an A* in A-Level Mathematics. Ended up with an A.
  • Failed to ace the SAT, ended up with a 2100 out of 2400.
  • Failed to ace the SAT Chemistry subject test. Ended up with a 730 out of 800.
  • Failed to get an A* in O-Level Urdu as a second language even though Urdu is my first language. Ended up with a B. (No seriously, get this. I took the exam of a language intended for people foreign to the language, while being a native speaker of that language, and still failed to ace it.)


  • Failed to treat one of my four sisters fairly until I turned 20. Was consistently an asshole to her throughout my childhood.
  • Failed to get place in my middle school’s football (soccer) team.
  • Failed to get place in my middle school’s substitute football team. (was I that bad? Ouch).
  • Failed to make any new friends between grade 8 and freshman year of engineering school.
  • Failed to become a positive role model for my siblings.
  • Failed to establish any kind of communication or constructive relationship with either of my grandfathers (paternal and maternal). I have been disowned and disinherited by both since my early childhood.  (To reiterate, was I that bad? Ouch).


  • First website launched, called “”, did not generate any revenue. Stopped hosting it after a year.
  • Failed to create a top-down RPG game, something I have wanted to do all my life.
  • Failed to earn money by freelance programming.
  • Failed to write a sci-fi novel and/or popular science book, once again something I have wanted to do all my life.


  • Consistently failed to reach ideal BMI weight (am overweight by at least 4 kg).
  • Failed to completely phase out carbonated drinks and high-sugar junk food.
  • Failed to stop tics that cause my fingers and neck to twitch involuntarily. This eventually caused carpal tunnel syndrome.