The Epitome of Humour

I was just browsing through youtube for videos that explain how coils are used in electro-magnetic fields, and their applications in cathode-ray oscilloscopes and hadron colliders etc. That’s when this guy appeared in one of the suggested video

this_guyThe video had an education-ish name so I opened it and braced my mind for the impact of new knowledge. What followed was the longest fit of laughter I’ve had in years. To be fair, I did learn a lot of stuff. But in spite of the fact that his videos are intended to be educational, they are irresistibly, uncontrollably, mindbogglingly hilarious!

He is like the electrical engineering version of Coyote from Loony Tunes’ “Road Runner”). He teaches you what not to do while handling circuits, by doing it himself!

From what I’ve found out from his youtube channel, the guy’s name is Mehdi Sadaghdar and he is from Canada. From his videos, I’m guessing he is an electrical or electronic engineer. He only has about seven videos, and yet has over twenty thousand subscribers and over two million views. This is quite prodigious.

This, in my opinion,  is his funniest video to date: